About Us


Hey Guys, it's me, Cornelis. Welcome to my store and a huge thank you that you show some interest in my blankets and my wall art. I always liked the unusual stuff when it comes to art. If it's in clothing, art in general, or even the people I surround myself with. Maybe you know the feeling when you can kind of upset people with your style a bit and make them feel quite uncomfortable, so that they question their moral beliefs in the end at best. I guess we can call that good bad taste. So please feel free to surf around a while, get inspired and buy some of my shit at the end. With each order you get a big chunk of non-visible luck bringing karma points on top of it :) If you have some questions about anything just hit me up and let's talk about it. Anyway, be yourself and don't sacrifice your ideals for anything! Peace and Love from Berlin.