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Badass Blankets

The LS Dude

The LS Dude

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Dive into a tapestry of transcendence with our LS Dude 

Envision the solitary figure, enveloped in the vibrant swirls of an LSD-induced reverie, seated upon a chair of consciousness, woven into the fabric of existence. This woven masterpiece transcends mere blanket status; it's a gateway to enlightenment, a visual symphony of introspection and exploration. But heed this: it's a limited edition, a rare fusion of art and comfort that beckons to the chosen few. Don't let FOMO consume you—seize the opportunity to wrap yourself in the boundless realms of consciousness, while stocks last.

Made from 100% pure cotton that's been dyed with colors so vibrant, it's like a rainbow exploded in a cotton field. And get this: no boring old printing here. Nope, our blankets are crafted with a fancy-pants woven production process, making each one a unique work of art. It's like having your very own personalized masterpiece.

And let's talk durability. This bad boy can handle anything you throw at it (or on it). Whether you're snuggling up on a chilly night or having a spontaneous picnic in the park, this blanket's got your back (and your front). Plus, those colorful fringed edges? Total game-changer. They're like little bursts of happiness in blanket form.

So, whether you're lounging, decorating, or picnicking, our soft woven blanket is the ultimate sidekick for any occasion. It's basically the superhero of blankets. You're welcome.“

Machine wash in cold water. Mild detergent. Gentle cycle. Do not bleach or wring


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